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Our Team & Trainers

On a mission to change the culture of fitness and strength training. 

Taylor LaJeunesse

Co-Owner & Head Trainer

Taylor, a native of Iowa, has been immersed in athletics from the start. With a diverse background in football, track & field, baseball, and basketball, Taylor's sports journey has taken him across several states, including Utah, Washington, and New York. His passion for baseball and track shines through his collegiate career at Weber State University and summer league playing for a minor league team in Texas. As a prior Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Iowa, Taylor has worked with various sports teams including women’s basketball, men's tennis, baseball, and swimming. Inspired by his experiences, Taylor founded Beehive Strong to help athletes excel and individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Utilizing cutting-edge science and research in strength training and sports performance, he is committed to empowering clients through education and fostering confident ownership of their well-being.

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Mike Stroud

Co-Owner & Head Trainer

Mike is a dedicated husband and father of three. Since 2013, he's excelled as a personal trainer, specializing in weight loss, fitness, race preparation, and athletic development for high school, college basketball, and NFL combine prospects. Mike earned his Exercise Science degree with honors from Utah Valley University in 2017, with a minor in biology, and later graduated from George Fox University's physical therapy program.

Currently based in California, Mike serves as an acute care and critical care physical therapist. His expertise spans orthopedics, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, neurology, sports medicine, biomechanics, and research. He's deeply passionate about empowering individuals to embark on their health and fitness journeys.

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Josh Blair

Partner & Operations Manager

When Josh isn't at home with his family or at work, you'll likely spot him at the gym or on a field or court. He's a true family man who also values staying active and fit. From a young age, Josh developed a passion for baseball and basketball, excelling in both sports competitively.

During his college years, Josh transitioned from player to coach, channeling his love and dedication to the game into coaching boys' basketball and baseball at Mountain View High School. For Josh, exercise and nutrition aren't just choices—they're a lifestyle.

Josh often says, "Everyone faces challenges, but no one should face them alone." As your #1 fan and supporter, Josh is committed to helping you embrace an active lifestyle by providing the tools you need to succeed and fostering a supportive community around you.

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