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Our Mission& Values

To serve and empower individuals and our community to conquer their fears, misinformation, and unfamiliarity in exercise, allowing them to increase their physical abilities, health, and athletic performance.




Enable individuals with the tools and abilities to take health, wellness, and fitness into their control.


Creating an environment where learning is a priority, knowledge is sought after, and intellectual growth occurs. Where being aware of the “why” keeps you from being left in the dark.


Health along with time, cannot be bought or given it has to be strived for. Life is unpredictable and deserves to be met care. Illnesses and injuries can occur, but our response to them is everything.


We pledge to be a safe environment for all ages, races, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, health statuses, heights, & weights. 

Our standard of respect starts with self-worth and self-efficacy. These are our highest priorities regardless of fitness level or health. The individual value of a person is not based on body image or performance outcome, our ultimate goal is to enable you to share your value by building up others.


Not everyone is an athlete who actively competes, but we believe in competing against ourselves to become better every day. We define "our best" by the commitment put into our goals, ourselves, and others.

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