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Sports Performance Training

Beehive Strong's Sports Performance Training is designed for student groups and individuals committed  to improving their athleticism and sports performance. We focus on improving speed, agility, strength, and power. Each training is meticulously designed based on our athletes unique goals. We also work with athletes to cultivate the discipline and drive necessary for them to be the best they can possibly be, not just on game day but over the course of their athletic careers.  


Measurably improve your strength in different movements within the context time.


Move faster. Get the tools to develop and maximize your game day speed. 


Better adapt to challenges presented in a game. Improve your reaction time. 



Sports performance training for all levels. 

  • Individual and team trainings 

  • Single session, monthly and annual programs 

  • Proven techniques and  strategies drawing from the latest research and our trainers training athletes at top universities 

  • Speed, running, strength and agility assessments

  • Highly customized and individualized approach for each and every athlete

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Our Athletes in Action

Beehive Strong Clients

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