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Barbell Breakfast Club

Small Group Strength Trainings 

720 Strength Lower East Side: 36 Ludlow Street

Wednesdays at 6am

Sundays at 9am 

Starting Wednesday, March 27th

Be Strong. Be Fast. Be Resilient.

Give us 2-weeks. We'll surprise your by showing what you're capable of.

Strength training can be intimidating. It is also easy to reach a plateau. Beehive Strong's Small Group Training Sessions draw from an expert crafted tested strength program that is designed from science and researched backed principles for all levels of fitness. Whether you are trying to simply get fit for the summer or measurably boost your performance as a competitive athlete we're here to get you started. *

*Private sessions available for those ready to make substantial advancements in their strength, including but not limited to  competitive athletes. 


1 hour sessions

Full-body workouts

Maximum 6 people



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Pricing & Packages


Wednesdays at 6am

Sundays at 9am 

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Drop In Sessions
5-Class Package
10-Class Package

** Limited Time Opening Offer - All drop-ins and packages purchased by April 1 are 20% off!

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About Taylor

Taylor  has over 10 years of experience in fitness and strength training, working with everyone from first time gym goers to college and professional athletes. He has trained WNBA, LPGA, MLB, and NFL athletes.


His attentiveness, deep knowledge about exercise science, positivity, and years training a diversity of people makes him an exceptional coach, motivator, and supporter of your overall fitness and health goals.

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Meredith, NYC

"Taylor is that special kind of trainer who knows what you’re capable of before you do, and helps you to unlock your power. The goals I have for myself keep rising as I discover what I can do and how good it feels to crush PRs. He was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses quickly, and to develop a plan that will increase my strength in areas required for my chosen sport (boxing) while counteracting all the bad posture that comes with my desk job. He encourages me to work harder in a calm way that makes me feel comfortable and supported, with really clear demonstrations, verbal cues and explanations as to why I’m doing certain movements. Understanding the science or function behind movements helps me to focus my energy on the right places and to see the application during my day. I’ve felt my own power and control improve after a short period of time, and others around me have even noticed it!"
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**Limited Time Opening Offer of 20% Off on All Packages**

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Don't live in NYC? We do virtual personal and group trainings. Message us to learn more. We'll reach out shortly. 

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