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Train Dispatcher 3 Password 15 WORK

For some positions, yes, but for others, no. For example, we have entry-level team members who receive on-the-job training to become train conductors. Please be sure to review each job description carefully to determine whether specific skills are required. And remember: Military experience counts.

train dispatcher 3 password 15

If your driver arrives before the pick-up window begins, he or she is only required to wait five minutes into the pick-up window. For example, if your pick-up window is from 7:45 to 8:15 a.m. and the driver arrives at 7:45 or earlier, you must present yourself for boarding by 7:50 a.m. You are not required to board the vehicle until the pick-up window begins, but you may board the vehicle early if you wish. Back To TopHow can I recognize my driver?Drivers must be in uniform with their ID card visible. If you ever have doubt about your driver's identity, call MetroAccess at 301-562-5360 and select option 2 to speak with a dispatcher (TTY 301-588-7535).Back To TopCan I call MetroAccess for a ride to the hospital if I need immediate medical attention?MetroAccess is not a substitute for an ambulance. If you have an emergency, please call 911.Back To TopI don't like vans. Can I get a taxi for every trip?MetroAccess cannot accommodate requests for any specific vehicle type. We need the flexibility to use any MetroAccess vehicle throughout the service area and assign vehicles according to operational need, not preference.Back To TopI have never used Metrorail or Metrobus. Who can I call for help?Training can be provided on using specific routes, stops, and stations. For more information, please call Metro's Transit Accessibility Center at 202-962-2703 or TTY 202-962-2033.Back To TopWhat is InstantAccess?InstantAccess is the MetroAccess automated telephone service that allows riders to confirm or cancel their MetroAccess trips as well as access customer account information using a keypad on any touch-tone telephone. This system is available 24-hours a day at 301-562-5360 (TTY 301-588-7535). Press option 3 to confirm or cancel a trip. Press option 6 to access customer account information. Use your MetroAccess ID number as your user name and your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) as your password (example: July 2, 1983 would be 07021983).Back To TopHow do I know when the MetroAccess driver has arrived?Upon arriving at your pick-up location, drivers will knock on the outermost exterior door and identify themselves as "MetroAccess". Customers are to display a valid MetroAccess ID card and pay exact fare before boarding the vehicle. At public entrances, drivers may open the first exterior door to announce their arrival; however they may not enter the building. If the entrance has a second door within the location that leads to a waiting area, drivers may open the second door to announce their arrival, but will not proceed into the waiting area. Drivers are not permitted to open doors at private locations or residences. In many cases an automated call announcing your vehicle's arrival may be placed to a phone number of your choosing; however, a call cannot be guaranteed for all trips. Please be sure to be present at the outermost exterior door and be ready to board the vehicle when your pick-up window begins.Back To TopWhat is the MetroAccess fare?MetroAccess fares are based on the distance and time of day that a customer travels. The MetroAccess fare will be twice the amount of what the fare would cost on the fastest comparable trip if the same trip were taken on fixed-route transit services such as Metrobus or Metrorail up to a maximum fare of $6.50.Back To TopHow is my fare calculated?Customers will be informed of the exact fare that they are expected to pay for a trip when they book a trip online or with a MetroAccess reservations agent. The scheduling system will automatically look within 30 minutes (15 minutes before and after) of your originally requested time of travel, and provide the lowest fare possible. If booking your trip online, the system will display the lowest fare utilizing the same parameters described above.Back To TopWhat payment methods will be accepted for MetroAccess fares?The exact fare in cash is required prior to boarding. To save time and avoid inconvenience, MetroAccess customers are encouraged to prepay for trips by phone or online using a credit or debit card with MetroAccess EZ-Pay. For more information on utilizing EZ-Pay, see EZ-Pay in the Customer Guide.Back To TopHow do I know if I am grandfathered and allowed to travel outside the ADA service area?The MetroAccess service area was changed on July 1, 2010 to provide paratransit service to locations within 3/4 mile of fixed route transit services such as Metrobus and Metrorail during the same hours that fixed route services are available. In an effort to continue to provide the same level of service to customers who traveled outside the ADA service area and hours between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010, Metro's Board of Directors adopted a grandfathering provision to allow those customers to continue to do so.To be grandfathered, customers must have traveled outside the ADA service area and/or between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. Please check with a MetroAccess reservations agent at 301 562-5360 to verify your status. All grandfathered trips outside the service area will be charged a supplemental fare, up to a $6.50 maximum.Back To TopWhat happens if I move to a new address?Grandfathered customers can move to a new home address and remain grandfathered, but those not grandfathered cannot become grandfathered - whether they've moved or just started needing out-of-corridor service.Back To TopHow do I know if my destination is in the ADA service area?MetroAccess provides paratransit service to locations within 3/4 mile of fixed-route transit services such as Metrobus and Metrorail during the same hours that fixed-route services are available. Please check with a MetroAccess reservations agent at 301-562-5360 to verify if your destination is in the service area.Back To TopWhat less expensive alternatives are there to MetroAccess?MetroAccess customers who are conditionally eligible, who show a valid white MetroAccess ID, along with one companion, may ride for free on Metrorail, Metrobus, and the following regional transit providers:

  • No, drivers cannot make stops between trips. For the safety of the drivers and customers, personal stops are not allowed. If you request to leave the vehicle before reaching your scheduled destination, your trip will end at that location. Back To TopCan drivers help me carry my personal luggage and bags?Drivers may carry a limited amount of packages for the customer. Packages are not to exceed 40 pounds and should be able to be transported in a single trip to the exterior door.Back To TopIf my mobility device breaks down, can the driver fix it for me?No, drivers cannot fix mobility devices. Customers are responsible to ensure brakes, batteries, and other parts of their mobility devices are in good working condition.Back To TopHow can I find out more about traveling on Metrobus and Metrorail?Metro has a free travel training program to teach people with disabilities how to travel independently on Metrobus and Metrorail. Training sessions are customized based on individual's needs. Anyone interested in scheduling a free system orientation should call 202-962-2703 or To TopHow do I replace a lost or stolen MetroAccess or Reduced Fare photo Identification Card?If a Metro Reduced Fare/SmarTrip or MetroAccess ID card is lost, a replacement can be obtained. A fee of $10.00 is charged for the first replacement and $25.00 for each subsequent replacement. There is an additional fee of $2.00 to replace a PCA SmarTrip card.

  • The fee may be waived upon receipt of a police report documenting theft of the Reduced Fare SmarTrip or MetroAccess ID card or If the ID card is damaged. Customers must have valid government issued photo identification when applying for a lost card.

  • Written requests via mail for replacement ID cards should include the correct fee in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order, personal checks and cash are not accepted. Cash, credit and debit cards are accepted if the request for the replacement ID is made in person at our office.

  • If the replacement is being requested for a damaged ID card, please include the damaged ID card with the request for replacement.

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NEW!!! LINK MOBILE APP NOW AVAILABLE!!! VIEW YOUR TRIPS! CANCEL YOUR TRIP! SEE WHAT TIME YOUR BUS WILL ARRIVE! CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR DIRECTIONS TO DOWNLOAD AND USE THE APP How to set up Ecolane Mobile App For all passengers wishing to use the self service web portal to view or cancel your LINK trips, please contact LINK, 1-800-842-0531, to set up a user name and password, then click the link below to reset your password. You will then be able to view your scheduled trips and you can also cancel your trip if you need to.

SOMERVILLE TRAIN STOP Due to ongoing construction, the Somerville Train Station Stop will be on Veterans Memorial Hwy by the stairs and ramp to the train platform. For assistance or questions please contact Dispatch 1-800-842-0531

Once recorded, you can playback both video and audio components of your meeting. These can be used for marketing materials, training videos, podcasts, or just listening back for a key quote from the person you interviewed.


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