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For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a goal of Playing college basketball. This season I knew it was the first opportunity I had to be a main contributor to a college basketball team. In the past I’ve always worked hard but I knew this season I wanted to be my absolute best. Beehive strong helped me become the strongest and most explosive I have been since high school and helped me achieve my goal of playing well this season. The coaches truly care about the progress I made and checked in with me daily to make sure I was reaching my goals. These guys are the real deal and will help you become the best version of yourself. 



“The work I did with Mike shaped my future athletic and fitness path. Training with him taught me so much about how to work on all aspects of my health. Not only did I learn how to increase muscle mass, jump higher, and become quicker; but he taught me the importance of nutrition, stretching, and recovery. Mike utilizes weights, body weight, and resistance training techniques to get the most out of each workout. I highly recommend working with Mike as he always puts his clients first and has helped me become the man I am today.” Eli went on to become part of First Team All Region and an honourable mention for All-State! He is currently pursing his career of becoming a nurse, studying at the University of Utah.


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 "When I had initially started working out with Mike, I really didn't have any specific goal. All I wanted was to lose some weight that I gained from eating too much BBQ and be able to compete with people when playing sports rather than being the last one picked on the team. When I had started I could barely do ten push-ups, maybe 3 pull-ups, benched just a little more than a bar. Last time I was training with Mike I was able to reach 50 push-ups, 15 pull-ups and bench upwards of 160. I had also lost 40 lbs. At this point I had enough confidence in myself to workout myself with the variety of workouts I had learned from him and actually show others things they could improve in. I had gained more knowledge in a better diet which is a huge part of exercising. If anyone is looking for a human being to work out who cares about you, Mike is certainly a trainer I would turn to time and time again. He supported you and pushed you to your limits so you could grow. Nobody better than him. Thanks for everything you've done to help Mike."



I started my first workout session with Taylor mid January and I explained just exactly what my goals where, he listened carefully and followed  through accordingly. My workout sessions with him  not only included intense workouts but I was also educated on a lot by which I was very impressed by. I’ve been working out for 3 years and I’ve never seen this much results and I’m thankful for all he’s taught me. Let me not forget he’s always punctual.



I’ve know Taylor since he was 15 and he is a very genuine, caring, positive person.  Fitness is his life but he doesn’t make you feel bad if it’s not yours.  He keeps it positive and productive. A couple years ago I needed make a turn around in my health and Taylor was a big help in me making that change.  He met me at the gym, analyzed my weak spots, and put together a plan to help me improve.  Surprisingly most of my issues were with flexibility in my hips and posture.  That’s not where I would have thought to start but he had me do the stretches and exercises to work those muscle groups and results came.  

Taylor also worked with my oldest daughters to help get them ready for their club volleyball season.  They play for a great club that spends time in the gym doing weight and agility training.  It was common to hear them say, “we did a bunch of drills today that Taylor did with us.”  

Taylor knows his stuff and puts a lot of thought into finding the root causes of weak spots and then addressing them.  Besides that he is just a pleasant guy to be around.


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This is a really great program! I loved the weekly personal feedback.
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