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Pre-Exercise Health Screen

Understanding the PAR-Q & ACSM's Risk Stratification

This post is intended to inform and not diagnose An important part of exercise is understanding the level of exercise that you qualify for and is appropriate. A necessary and quick way to better understand where your cardiac event risk and exercise level is, without movement, pre-exercise participation questionnaires; like PAR-Q and ACSM Risk Stratifications. The main purpose is to SCREEN for risk of sudden cardiac events during exercise. Secondly, is addressing your medical history to your current medical status in comparison to exercise. The @acsm1954 is quick to refer to a medical doctor, but that does not mean you cannot and should not exercise, but rather is a way for understand and own your health. Understanding that this is not trying to prevent exercise, but give the correct guidance to the you and medical professional is key. For example: Having been diagnosed with Asthma when I was 2 years old, I automatically am placed into the high-risk category for exercise. Working a medical doctor, I am able to control my symptoms and exercise freely, to the point that I was able to compete in basketball and even play in college. Regular exercise is a main strategy that I use to control my asthma. That does not mean that I do not need to be aware of it or work concurrently with my medical doctor, I do both and that is why I am successful in being able to exercise. These visits to a doctor can occur through physician clearance to play high school sports, annual wellness checkups, or any other appointment you make.




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