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Inconsistent Pain Recovery

Pain is often used as a wedge to separate people from each other, when it should be an experience that unites them together.

There are several types of pain like physical and emotional, in neither there is no single solution. Each person's individual factors make pain unique to the person, even if similar connections between what is felt are shared. Pain can be simple or complex, new or old, annoying or crippling.

In exercise pain is often strongly associated with injury with or without tissue damage and a known or direct cause. All to commonly this is expressed as being broken, loss of value, and decrease in confidence.

*This pain is temporary! Our bodies are designed to heal!*

Healing does not always occur one step better per day, some days may have several steps better and others step backwards. The most important key should be continuing to move even w/pain. Set goals so you can measure your progress, don't get lost chasing pain and losing sight of where you are.

It is okay to have bad days and it is okay to heal stronger than you were before!

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