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You are encouraged to perform management and configuration over the network, either in band or out of band. A serial console is fully supported; however, you might prefer the convenience of network-based management.

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The most common method is to send DHCP option 114 with the entire URL to the web server (this can be the same system). However, there are many other ways to use DHCP even if you do not have full control over DHCP. See the ONIE user guide for help with partial installer URLs and advanced DHCP options; both articles list more supported DHCP options.

Mellanox switches do not support Cumulus Linux 4.3.1. When you run apt update on a Mellanox switch, the /etc/apt/sources.list does not change. Cumulus Linux remains at 4.3.0 or upgrades to 4.3.0 if you are running an earlier release.

Services (also known as daemons) and processes are at the heart of how a Linux system functions. Most of the time, a service takes care of itself; you just enable and start it, then let it run. However, because a Cumulus Linux switch is a Linux system, you can dig deeper if you like. Services can start multiple processes as they run. Services are important to monitor on a Cumulus Linux switch.

File level based storage technologies allow access to a fully featured (POSIX)file system. They are in general more flexible than any Block level storage(see below), and allow you to store content of any type. ZFS is probably themost advanced system, and it has full support for snapshots and clones.

If the zone is a primary zone, the server sends out a NOTIFYrequest to all the secondaries (default). This should trigger the zoneserial number check in the secondary (providing it supports NOTIFY),allowing the secondary to verify the zone while the connection is active.The set of servers to which NOTIFY is sent can be controlled bynotify and also-notify.


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