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Best Buy Store Opening Hours

Friends Emily Vargas and Riley Wendlick arrived at Southridge at 3 p.m. so they could buy $10 shirts and $25 sweatshirts at Pink. At 5:15 p.m. they were first in line outside the store on the mall's second floor, waiting for employees to raise the gate. They didn't know when the store was opening, but they were hoping it wasn't much longer.

best buy store opening hours

Retailers are hoping that the Thanksgiving openings will draw shoppers who prefer to head to stores after their turkey dinner rather than braving the crowds early the next morning. Overall, about 17 percent of shoppers plan to take advantage of Thanksgiving hours, according to a International Council of Shopping Centers-Goldman Sachs survey of 1,000 consumers.

As a result, brick-and-mortar retailers are trying everything they can to lure consumers into stores by making shopping as easy as possible. In addition to expanding their hours into Thanksgiving, many are offering free layaways and shipping, matching the cheaper prices of online rivals and updating their mobile shopping apps with more information.

While shoppers took advantage of the Thanksgiving deals, some workers were expected to protest the Turkey Day hours. In fact, a New York-based union-backed group of retail workers called Retail Action Project is planning protests in the Manhattan borough of New York City on Thanksgiving in front of several stores, including AnnTaylor, Forever 21 and others that are opening at midnight on Black Friday and earlier.

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