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Aladin Hunchback
Aladin Hunchback

[S5E9] The Big Game |BEST|

At the courthouse, Jimmy loses a case against DDA Bill Oakley, who relentlessly gloats about his victory. Outside, Jimmy is picked up by Mike in his car and tries to talk to him about his ongoing post-traumatic condition. Jimmy asks when his symptoms will cease, to which Mike replies that it varies by person; the only way one knows that it's abated is when they go about their daily routine not thinking about it. Mike also states that he isn't bothered by having to kill the gunmen in the desert, since it was a life-or-death situation and they were in "the game". Jimmy expresses disgust that he and Mike helped Lalo, who they both knew had killed a civilian and allowed him to get away. Mike cryptically says that that is "not the end of the story", leading Jimmy to assume that Mike is going to do something to him. Mike tells Jimmy that the choices both men have made have put them on the road to where they are right now, and that nothing can be done about it. Jimmy is unsatisfied with what Mike says and ends their meeting.

[S5E9] The Big Game

So, Annie and Abed decide to settle the question over a round of 90s VCR game Pile of Bullets, and they shake on it. The handshake is a pretty decent metaphor for how their living dynamic is going without Troy.

It's Duke against North Carolina. Coach K's last time in the Dean Dome. Hubert Davis' first time as head coach in the rivalry. Should we go on? As ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas says, this matchup always delivers, and our beats did their best at predicting the outcome of the first installment of this year's series. Saturday's game is set to tip off at 7 p.m. in Chapel Hill. 041b061a72


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