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Rustangelo PRO (Basic) Download] [Keygen]

Rustangelo PRO (Basic) Download - How to Paint Signs in RUST Automatically

If you are a fan of the survival game RUST, you might have seen some amazing signs and artworks created by other players. You might have wondered how they did it, and how you can do it too. Well, the answer is Rustangelo, an automatic sign painter for RUST.

Download File:

Rustangelo is a software that allows you to load any image from your disk or URL and have it painted to a sign or map in RUST automatically. You don't need any artistic skills or manual work, just select your image, click the paint button, and watch Rustangelo do the magic.

Rustangelo works on any server type (vanilla, community, modded) and has been approved by the game developers. It supports all common image formats (png, jpeg, gif, svg, etc.) and all canvas sizes in-game (wooden signs, neon signs, pumpkin, picture frames, metal sign posts).

What is Rustangelo PRO (Basic)?

Rustangelo PRO (Basic) is a downloadable content for Rustangelo that gives you more features and unlimited painting time. With Rustangelo PRO (Basic), you can:

  • Paint using 320 possible colors by utilizing different brush opacities (PRO feature)

  • Paint faster by drawing straight lines to fill in large color areas (PRO feature)

  • Auto-update the sign while painting for display to other players (PRO feature)

  • Use image tools such as add borders, cartoon effect, crop image, oil painting effect, overlay text, and split image

The only difference between Rustangelo PRO (Basic) and Rustangelo PRO is that the Basic package does not include any extras such as custom fonts, custom palettes, custom brushes, and custom backgrounds.

How to Download Rustangelo PRO (Basic)?

To download Rustangelo PRO (Basic), you need to have the base game Rustangelo on Steam. You can buy Rustangelo PRO (Basic) on Steam for $4.99 or get the PRO Bundle (Basic) for $8.98 and save 10% off both items.

Once you have purchased Rustangelo PRO (Basic), you can install it from your Steam library. You will need to restart Rustangelo after installing the DLC to activate it.

How to Use Rustangelo PRO (Basic)?

To use Rustangelo PRO (Basic), you need to follow these steps:

  • Load your image from disk or URL

  • Click the Paint button and capture the canvas area (where to paint)

  • Press the Control hotkey to capture the painting controls area

  • Rustangelo will process and dither the image to match the colors available in the palette

  • Press the Control hotkey again to begin the painting process

  • Rustangelo will cycle through all the colors and paint each pixel for every color

  • Rustangelo will take a screenshot when the painting has completed

It is recommended not to move your mouse while Rustangelo is painting as it will disrupt the process. You can also use the double-click feature to improve the painting accuracy.


Rustangelo PRO (Basic) is a great way to create stunning signs and artworks in RUST without any hassle. You can download it from Steam and enjoy unlimited painting time and more features. If you want to learn more about Rustangelo PRO (Basic), you can visit its [Steam page].


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