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Theaters [WORK]

Both IMAX theaters are wheelchair accessible. The PACCAR IMAX and Boeing IMAX Theaters each accommodate six wheelchairs and reserved companion seats. Additionally, the Boeing Theater has four accessible seats for patrons with disabilities with arms that fold out for easier access.


This consolidation was a direct result of the Covid pandemic, which shut down theaters for a time and triggered a surge in streaming subscriptions. A number of regional chains have shuttered for good, while others were left to reevaluate their financial footing. For many, that meant closing locations or selling off leases.

Etter explained that traditional digital bulbs need to be replaced after around 2,000 hours and produce so much heat that theaters have to pay more to air-condition the projector rooms. And laser components last for 20,000 hours so they can go years without being replaced.

"[We are] really looking at our theaters and making sure all of them are amazing," said Shelli Taylor, CEO of Alamo Drafthouse. "So if they don't have recliners, we're going in and we're upgrading. We're giving face-lifts where needed and just really refreshing and making sure that we continue to deliver that premium experience which people grow to love and expect from Alamo."

These improvements are part of a wider trend that started prior to the pandemic. Consumers have begun to opt for more premium theatrical experiences for blockbuster features, choosing to pay more money to see films on bigger screens or in specialized theaters.

Warehouse, which will soon open its third location, has also run promotions that range from offering margaritas with movie tickets to special "daddy-daughter" date night showings. Mid-pandemic, Warehouse Cinemas capitalized on the release of Solstice Studio's "Unhinged" by hosting a car smash event during the film's fifth week in theaters.

Fearing copycat crimes, movie theaters showing the same film across the US increased their security. Gun sales increased in Colorado, and political debates were generated about gun control in the United States.

Soon after the shooting, police departments and cinemas across the United States and around the world increased security for fear of copycat incidents.[152][153] In New York City, police officers were deployed to theaters screening the new film.[154]

The National Association of Theatre Owners distributed checklists from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to its members and said in a July 21 statement that members were "working closely with local law enforcement agencies and reviewing security procedures".[155][156] AMC Theatres announced it would "not allow any guests into our theatres in costumes that make other guests feel uncomfortable and we will not permit face-covering masks or fake weapons inside our buildings".[157] Security Director News raised the possibility in a July 23 article that "the massacre could be a Virginia Tech for movie theaters, causing security to become a bigger part of the conversation and more stringent security procedures to be adopted at theaters across the country."[158]

Judge R. Brooke Jackson stated that for theaters today, "One might reasonably believe that a mass shooting incident in a theater was likely enough (that is, not just a possibility) to be a foreseeable next step in the history of such acts by deranged individuals".[166] Attorney Christina Habas, who represents several theater victims, has said: "We essentially don't have a single photograph, a single piece of evidence that we can show to a jury". In June 2016, a federal judge dismissed the last claims in the lawsuit.[167] 041b061a72


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