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Luca White
Luca White

Albion Redux

As the UK economy continues to wobble and factories close left, right and centre, it's good to see a home-grown company succeed by selling products based squarely on British expertise. I refer to Spitfire Audio, purveyors of high-quality orchestral samples since 2008. Having set out their stall by granting licenses to use their libraries on a by-invitation basis, founders Christian Henson and Paul Thomson adopted a more conventional approach with their first commercial release, Spitfire Percussion. This was followed by harp, harpsichord, grand piano and solo strings titles, and the jewel in Spitfire's crown: the 39GB Albion orchestral collection. (Read the SOS review of Albion at /sos/oct11/articles/spitfire-audio-albion.htm.)

Albion redux



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