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Bombora Vodka Where To Buy !NEW!

Modern Distillery Age"Bombora vodka is indeed an exceptional sprit. The Australian import has pristine clarity and a medium - weight, silky textured body. Its bouquet features a focused set of grape-like aromas, not unlike a brandy. the vodka raises hardly any esophageal heat as it quickly expands filling the mouth with a warming dose of lightly spiced, vinous flavor. The finish is cool and crisp. Before featuring this gem of a vodka in a mixed drink or craft cocktail, you owe it to yourself to first sample it neat, or with a slight chill. You just might not drink Bombora any other way after that. Bombora, welcome to the U.S. May al of our futures be so bright." - Robert Plotkin, industry author, expert and international spirit judge.

bombora vodka where to buy

Australia - Distilled 5 times. A well kept secret, born from Australia's uncommon character and unique surfing culture. Bombora vodka bottles up premium grapes and pure water in a way that only Australia could. A refreshing clean taste, great for mixing.

Vodka manufacturers are not legally entitled to use the words "gluten-free" on their products unless their vodka was not made with a gluten grain. Therefore, you should be able to trust brands that advertise their gluten-free status.

"Parts" info is given in parentheses in case you want to make a larger batch to serve a crowd. This recipe makes a little more than two martinis per my glasses, which are standard size. If you like your cocktails to be lighter on alcohol, you can reduce the amount of vodka to 1/2 cup (2 parts) and increase the amount of pomegranate juice to 3/4 cup (3 parts). Note that the resulting cocktail will not only be less strong on the alcohol, but will also be a tad tarter due to the pomegranate juice. We discovered Saba Spice during a trip there many years ago. It's a sweet rum-based liquor, made from the local spices in the kitchens of many Saban ladies (you can read more here). I was fortunate that Mr. GFE returned to Saba for scuba diving this past September and picked up a large bottle. He says that since Saba Spice is not available outside of the island, he'll happily return and pick up a bottle for you---all expenses paid, of course. ?

There are many different brands of vodka that use grapes as the base ingredient. We will focus primarily on two different brands but will include a discussion on some other options that are available to you in the alternative options section.

Grapes are collected and blended to break down the fruit into its juice. From there the fruit juice is fermented for roughly 6 days to turn the sugars into alcohol. The fermented fruit juice is then distilled in a continuous copper still where it goes through a distillation process five times over 10 days.

Bombora Vodka is distilled in state-of-the-are column stills with charcoal filters. The charcoal helps to remove any impurities from the solution, leaving a smooth and pure vodka as the result. The vodka is distilled 5 times to create the final beverage.

The vodka is distilled five times which gives it a distinctive, citrus taste. The grapes are specially selected and made into wine. It is then distilled 5 times in column stills before the fifth distillation in a traditional copper pot still.

Shake 40 ml of Cîroc vodka, 10 ml of lime juice, and 45 ml of cranberry juice over ice. Strain the mixture into a champagne flute and top off with 35 ml of champagne. Finally, garnish with an orange twist.

Cooranbong Vodka is also an Australian vodka brand that can be directly compared to Bombora Vodka. It too uses grapes from the Barossa Valley region however it uses Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Pure Australian water is used to create this vodka that has an alcohol by volume of 40%.

Hangar 1 Vodka is an American vodka brand that uses a combination of Midwestern wheat and Viognier grapes which are distilled separately. The result is a vodka with fruity undertones and mild sweetness with an alcohol by volume of 40%.

Old Young's has a name that draws attention to the dichotomy between old and young. And their Pure No. 1 vodka does the same by making a relatively new vodka that tastes like it was created from an age-old, highly perfected recipe.

While many of the vodka brands on this list of the best Australian vodka focus on various spirits, Cooranbond specifically focuses on vodka. This specificity results in a top-notch vodka perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.

Kansas City, MO 2010 G'Day Imports, LLC is making a splash across the United States with two Australian vodkas, Bombora and CooranBong. Both Bombora and CooranBong vodkas are distilled from premium grapes grown in the famed Barossa Valley in Australia giving each a smooth and elegant taste. Gluten allergies and Celiac Disease have hit the forefront with many people having to switch their entire diet in order to cope. G'Day Imports is excited to give those looking for a gluten-free diet, who enjoy vodka, another alternative. While most vodkas are produced in Europe or the U.S from either potatoes or wheat, G'Day Imports' grape-based vodkas are distilled in a 100% wheat, barley and rye free establishment, thus giving us G'Day an edge in the market. Dave Freyder, CEO of G'Day Imports, LLC says "Many people of all ages are becoming much more aware of nutrition and simply feel better on a gluten-free diet. A vodka distilled from Australian premium grapes, rather than one from grain, is the perfect choice." Restaurants and liquor stores are responding to this consumer demand by adding numerous gluten-free options; Bombora and CooranBong vodkas are being included.

Bombora, meaning "Reef" in Aborigine, is the # 1 selling premium vodka from Australia and is distilled 5 times from premium grapes and calls Surfer's Paradise, Queensland, Australia home. With a surfer riding a big wave on the front, Bombora bottles up the best of fun, sun and surf. But it's not just about the vodka; Bombora is also about fun events as we've teamed up with partners such as Billabong to co-host concerts, surfing and extreme sporting events.

CooranBong which means "Water Over Rocks" in Aborigine, is a super premium, distilled 10 times from primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes. These quality ingredients are distilled to create one of the smoothest, most pure and refreshing vodkas on the market. CooranBong is an elegant, ultra smooth vodka - it is pure Australian. And, like most Australian's who like to have a good time and enjoy their surroundings, CooranBong fits the part as it has teamed up with many local businesses, sponsoring one of a kind events.

Both vodkas have gained prestigious acclaim at the San Francisco International Spirits competition, and the International Wine and Spirits competition in London. Both brands have also received outstanding ratings by Anthony Dias Blue of Blues Review and The Tasting Panel Magazine. "When people hear about our vodkas and try them, the overwhelming response is how smooth these vodkas are compared to all others," Dave says.

CooranBong and Bombora are now carried in the following states; CA, CO, GA, ID, IL, KS, KY, MN, MO, NC, NH, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, WA with more to come in 2011. Please visit and for a complete listing of on and off premise locations, upcoming events and mixology tips. For more information about G'Day, sales inquiries and press, please contact Jenny Kincaid at (816) 550.4382 or

g'day Imports, launched the brands in the US in 2007, and they have become the #1 selling Premium and Ultra Premium vodkas distilled from grapes grown in Australia. Over the last seven months, g'day has gained distribution in more than 2000 chains as well as thousands of other outlets throughout the US. g'day products are distributed in CA, AZ, IL, FL, TX, HI, CO, NV, GA, TN, KS, MO, MN, WI and NE at the present time.

Laura began with g'day in 2007 and was originally hired as a regional brand manager for g'day. After successfully growing the midwest region, she was promoted to National Distribution Director and recently further promoted as a result of her success in the chains to Executive Vice President, Sales. Prior to joining g'day, Laura worked for Fosters in Melbourne Australia where she was born.

Joseph was Vice President, Legal and State Affairs, for Anheuser-Busch Incorporated where he managed all in-house and outside counsel relating to marketing, sales, distribution, franchise, transactions, litigation, antitrust compliance, regulatory compliance and licensing. He worked at Anheuser-Busch for 15 years. Mr Jedlicka is currently President of a start-up company B & W Sensors LLC.

Leawood, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2015 --G'day Imports, LLC, International importers of Bombora and Cooranbong Australian Vodkas announced today expansion of its award winning vodkas into Louisiana according Dave Freyder, CEO of G'day Imports, LLC. Both Bombora and CooranBong vodkas are distilled from grapes grown in the famed Barossa Valley in Australia. Bombora is the # 1 selling premium vodka from Australia and is distilled 7 times from premium red and white grapes. Bombora means "Reef" in Aborigine. With a big wave on the front, Bombora bottles up the best of fun, sun and surf. Bombora partners with Billabong, Surfrider and other organizations to raise awareness of our earth's precious oceans. A portion of the proceeds of sales from Bombora and Cooranbong vodkas in Florida are donated to Mote Marine Laboratories to protect and restore coral reefs worldwide, "Saving our Reefs One Drink at a Time." CooranBong which means "Water Over Rocks" in Aborigine is a super premium distilled 10 times from all red grapes, primarily Shiraz. These quality ingredients are distilled ten times to create one of the smoothest, finest, and most refreshing vodkas on the market. CooranBong is elegant, ultra smooth, super premium vodka. Bombora and Cooranbong Vodkas first launched in the US in 2007 and have enjoyed continued success as more and more consumers discover the brands. The company currently distributes in 25 states."We're very excited to begin selling in New Orleans and the great state of Louisiana," says CEO David Freyder. "I had the privilege of meeting Jamie Munoz, GM of Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House restaurant of New Orleans, when he and his wife Kim were in Key West attending a Jazz Memorial Procession for a famous Key West musician. Jamie tasted the vodkas and said he knew from the quality that he had to get it to New Orleans."According to Jamie Munoz, GM of Brennan's Bourbon House, "The minute I tasted Bombora and Cooranbong neat, I knew I wanted to add them to our extensive spirits portfolio in the Bourbon House. These are deliciously smooth vodkas that I know our customers will enjoy. Cooranbong is proudly featured in our signature Bourbon House Coup de' Cooranbong cocktail as well as any other vodka cocktails. Many people prefer to drink it over rocks since it's so smooth. We're thrilled to welcome these delicious vodkas into New Orleans." says Munoz. The vodkas are distributed in Louisiana by Southern Eagle Sales & Service. About G'day Imports, LLCG'Day Imports, LLC is the worldwide importer of Bombora and Cooranbong Vodkas globally. Both vodkas are distilled from premium grapes and artisenal waters and are gluten-free. Bombora and Cooranbong Vodkas have both gained international acclaim at the San Francisco International Spirits competition, and the International Wine and Spirits competition in London. Both brands have received outstanding ratings by Anthony Dias Blue, Blues Review, The Tasting Panel Magazine and are listed as very good/well recommended by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Contact: Michele 041b061a72


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