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Add New Legendary Beasts to Your Minecraft with This Mod

like in the games, the legendary beasts were saved by ho-oh when the brass tower burned down and became the burned tower. ho-oh was caught by the masked man nine years before the gold, silver & crystal chapter ; the legendary beasts managed to separate ho-oh from the masked man but were imprisoned in ice mirrors beneath the burned tower. they were freed by yellow, who had been visiting the johto region with her uncle wilton.

download legendary beasts mod 1.7.10 32

i believe that the legendary beasts should be playable because of the huge amount of fans of the movie, and that they have been used in beta, meaning that they should have been written up as a playable character yet. i remember seeing a video about one of the old released legendary trainers, i believe from a beta, still existed and was a bit easier than the ones you could have in later betas.

there is some argument over what exactly "they" are. the uk website for one definetly means "they" as they name-dropped ho-oh from the uk in a press release. the american site also names-dropped ho-oh.

luminous orb and other items are kept to a minimum by the legendary beasts themselves. one monster in the game, however, can use an item, if the user has enough hp. ho-oh, for example, can use the lunar wing, allowing it to fly and cause damage if the player is hit. once an item has been thrown or absorbed, the effect does not last. ho-oh, for example, can only use the lunar wing once, although its effects do last to the end of the battle, with the exception of its faint stat. to change from one item to another, the user will have to use a potion, which can be found throughout the game. some items can be modified to their opposite, such as the flare shield and flare rod, which can be modified to the cyclone and cyclone rod. once modified, a glyph can still be equipped to the item, but the item will not work when the user dies or when a new effect is received, i.e. a badge or a rare candy.


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