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Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-006 For Mac ~UPD~

et plein d'autres améliorations voir site d'Apple. Énumération en anglais ici (Simple Finder for one-click icons, Animated folder icons, Full control over file permissions, Localized view of system, Display media specific attributes in Icon view, Preview panel displays more attributes in Column view, Services in Finder, More View options, Keychain system menu, Mount ftp servers directly in Finder, New sounds and effects, Improved Sound preferences, Quartz anti-aliasing for Carbon apps, User preference panel, New system cursors, New Roman font, Cochin, New Japanese and Chinese fonts, Improved Japanese input method, Unicode character palette, Font management, Improved Energy Saver, Animated Desktop picture, Flurry screen saver, Localized view of system, Clean install option, iDisk Preferences, Better Classic startup performance, Speech recognition additions, More info in 'About this Mac', Long file names, AppleScript integrated with Finder for folder actions, Multilingual spell checking, Internet Explorer 5.2, Adobe Acrobat 5.0.5, Project Builder 2.0, Interface Builder 2.3, AppleScript Studio 1.2, Improved Text Edit, ColorSync utility, Disk Copy, New Audio MIDI Setup and Directory Access utilities, Java Plug-in & Settings, JPEG 2000 support, Terminal: UTF 8 support, Preview: rotate PDF/image and navigate via thumbnails, Calculator advanced calculations and conversions and update currency using WebService and edit paper tape, Mail Kerberos authentication support and Saves Drafts automatically, Image Capture supports scanners, TWAINsupport, Epson scanner drivers, CUPS Printing, PostScript transparency printing, Save custom settings when printing, Faster system optimization, Smart Card support, Updated printer drivers (including LexMark), FireWire audio driver, Better antialiasing on LCD displays, New preferences for CD and DVD burning, Additional digital camera support, Lid closed operation, BlueTooth support, BlueTooth File Transfer Utility, BlueTooth system menu, BlueTooth GPRS Internet Access, PC Card Modem Driver, Surf next-gen Internet with IPv6 and IPSec support, Admins can control access to applications and preferences with better workgroup management, System-wide LDAP support, Kerberos authentication, SNMP, Airport Network Selection, ODBC Administration Utility, System-wide certificate, SASL Authentication, AMD support for UNIX networks, UNIX PAM security modules support, Boot from a server with NetBoot, Install the OS over the network from Mac OS X Server, Find LDAP services without configuration, AirPort Software Base Station, AirPort Admin Utility based on Rendezvous, ODBC Database Connectivity, ActiveDirectory Authentication, TLS Web security technology, Extended username and password, Support for file systems larger than 1TB)

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-006 For Mac




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