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Aladin Hunchback
Aladin Hunchback

[S18E9] Winter Chill !!BETTER!!

There's a long British tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas. While there are conflicting opinions on exactly how the tradition started and how long it's been around, many believe it has links with pre-Christian solstice festivals that viewed mid-winter as a time when the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest.

[S18E9] Winter Chill

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Kill Gil, Volumes I & IIEpisode Number387Production CodeJABF01Original AirdateDecember 17, 2006Main character(s)Simpson familyGil GundersonChalkboard Gag"Frankinscence is not a monster"Couch GagThe Simpsons sit down wearing winter clothes (as they appeared for the episode's special opening credits) and the camera zooms out revealing the couch is an ornament on the Christmas tree.Special Guest VoicesElvis Stojko as himselfWritten ByJeff WestbrookDirected ByBob Anderson 041b061a72


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