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Show Off Your Skills in This Haircut Game: Cut, Curl, Straighten, and Dye Hair

Funny Haircut is a hairstyling game where you give your customers unique haircuts in your own salon. Wash your customer's hair and get it clean first, then use your professional hairdressing equipment such as curlers, straighteners, dryers, dyes and hairspray to give them a fresh hairdo. The hair physics in this game is so realistic that you will feel like a real hairstylist. We trust you to make your customers look absolutely unrecognizable. Let your hair down and enjoy the hilarious Funny Haircut!

haircut game

Funny Haircut is created by Go Panda Games, an indie developer studio based in South Surabaya, Indonesia. They have many hilarious games like funny-rescue-carpenter, funny-rescue-gardener, Funny Hair Salon, funny-pet-rescue, Funny Nose Surgery, and funny-rescue-zookeeper. They also have the educational cooking game Cooking Korean Lesson and the one-and-only Hipster vs Rockers for fashion fans. Play them all for free on Poki!

Give your customer a brand new look in this hilarious har cutting game. Style and cut the hair to your choosing to give the girl the best look possible. Give a fabulous make over with a variety of accessories, face stickers, clothing and makeups.

Funny Haircut is an online girl game that we hand picked for This is one of our favorite mobile girl games that we have to play. Simply click the big play button to start having fun. If you want more titles like this, then check out Funny Pet Haircut or Girls Hair Salon.To play even more free games, view our all time top games page.

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Lagged is the best online games platform. Challenge your friends to thousands of different games that you can play on your pc, tablet or mobile device. Compete for high scores and achievements as you try to climb to the top of our global points leaderboard.

Left Click and move your mouse to start the razor and cut hair. Match the haircut seen in the photo. After all, that's what the client wants!\r\n\r\nLater in the game you'll be able to dye hair. Right Click and move your mouse to dye hair.\r\n\r\nMake sure your clients leave happy so you can earn tips to pay your rent by the end of the day. Can you stay in business for the full week?\r\n" } } ] } ] Sorry... this game is not playable in your browser.

The haircut was even shown on the jumbotron during the game itself, drawing attention to the YouTuber instead of the game. One of the Timberwolves players, Anthony Edwards, also looked on in shock as JiDion received a trim during the game.

Funny Angela HaircutPlay Funny Angela Haircut For FREE! - Play Angela Haircut and help our cute little kitty to choose a good hair style. You can use different tools like blowers, curlers, straightener and more to give her the right hair style that she needs. After cutting her hair, you can also change her outfits and make her wearing your favorite outfit. Shave your kitty cats hair and make her look cute. Entertain yourself with this funny game..

A man wearing a Louis Vuitton barber cape was spotted getting a haircut in the middle of the second set. It's still unclear how he and his barber snuck in clippers into Arthur Ashe Stadium. People around them seemed amused at the unusual event, but the fun was over as soon as security spotted them.

The man getting a haircut is JiDion, a popular YouTube prankster with 5.84 million subscribers. This was not his first tennis match, nor was it the first time he did something out of the norm during a Grand Slam event. JiDion got a lifetime ban at Wimbledon in July for his antics during a quarterfinal match between Jannik Sinner and Novak Djokovic. After that one, he posted a video about how he snuck in an airhorn to show his support for Sinner. He might not be able to return to Centre Court, but JiDion got terrific publicity from that prank because the video got well over five million views.

JiDion's US Open haircut was also not his first during a live sporting event. Earlier this year, the YouTuber -- who sometimes refers to himself as DeMarcus Cousins III -- was getting a haircut while sitting courtside during a game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks. That was on March 25, so perhaps it was time to freshen up now.

A Hair Cutting Games category is needed for any gaming website that wants girls to find content to their liking in which they take a big interest, and this is a perfect example because for many women around the world, if not most of them, hair is everything. A good hairstyle will make a difference from looking good to looking extraordinarily, which is why the competition between hair salons all around the globe has never been more heated, and girls and women alike can now have all the tutorials they need to cut their own hair or style it really nice, with these games being a step-up, as you do it more directly.

Now, we would say that the games in this category are divided into two main sub-genres, the games where you follow on-screen instructions to do the hairstyling, click by click, swipe by swipe, cut by cut, and through the process, you also do things such as wash the hair, condition it, braid it, straighten it, or maybe even dye it (paint it), since colorful hair has never been more popular.

In the other direction, we have games such as Real Haircuts Games, where anything goes, literarily, because you get the amazing chance of creating your own unique haircuts, as you have all the scissors, clippers, shampoos, hair dyes, combs, straighteners, curling irons, blow driers, and other tools and products that you would need to do a hairstyle, and it is totally up to you how it looks, as you can freestyle it.

The most amazing thing about this category is that it gives you the chance to be a hairstylist for your favorite celebs from the real world, such as Ariana Grande, The Kardashians, and others, or your favorite fictional characters, from Elsa and Anna, Harley Quinn, Barbie, Princess Leia, Ladybug, and even Santa if you would believe it, since we also have hair cutting games with boys, as boys need a good hairstyle as well, even if theirs are simpler to make, they are equally fun.

I'm not going to lie, I was very affected by the "Rachel" haircut when it first made an appearance in the late '90s. Of course, I begged my mom to bring me to the salon so I could get it cut into the iconic layered 'do. However, once I sat down in the stylist's chair, they would always tell me my hair was too fine and would fall flat.

"A heavily layered '90s-inspired haircut, the butterfly cut consists of a more uniform layer and carved-out face framing, with the shortest layer starting anywhere between the cheekbone and below the jaw line," Victoria tells POPSUGAR. "The shape is typically more round, which allows the style to have a max amount of volume. This type of haircut has pushed the trend toward polished and refined with less of a messy undone style."

Since there are slight variations of the butterfly haircut, Victoria says it's best to go to the salon equipped with photos of the style and length you're after. "Based on what length you are currently at, face shape, texture, density, and curl pattern, ask your stylist what length the face-framing layers should be and what overall length would suit you best," she says. "Talk about your daily routine, including the products you use, to see if any adjustments need to be made in achieving this look. If you have a curl pattern and would like the option to wear it natural, let your stylist know so it is taken into consideration when designing the haircut for you."

On the left, you'll see what the haircut looked like when I used a blow dryer and a 3/4-inch-barrel curling iron, and on the right is the cut when I let my hair air-dry. The butterfly haircut has definitely given my hair much more movement and volume, especially when I let my natural curl pattern do its thing. I'm a big fan of the longer face-framing layers that Victoria added in, which curl around nicely to get that iconic butterfly-wing flip.

Right now on you are given the chance to play the first game added into the Hannah Montana Games category, the latest category of Disney Channel Games on our website, where you are going to have so much fun that you can't even begin to imagine! We start this category off with a briliant game, called Hannah Montana Real Haircuts, and we say that because real haircuts games are always so much better than any hairstyling games that you could imagine. In this game, Hannah Montana came to your hair salon to have her hairstyle changed, as she wants something new for her look, and she gives you the freedom to make her hair look however you want to. Really! How will you make the haircut? Well, it's really simple, and we will explain it in the next lines in this description. On the right and on the left sides of the game screen, you will see layed out many hairstyling products, tools, colors, and others, which you can use freely. Use the mouse to select a tool you want to use, and then click on Hannah's hair, and see what happens. Give her the best hairstyle ever, and have a lot of fun!

In the Devilish Hairdresser game, you get to be a mischievous hairstylist and create the wildest and craziest haircuts ever! You'll be up against an angelic hairdresser, and your goal is to cut and dye your client's hair in your own unique devilish style.

To start the game, you can choose a photo from the album and get to work. Just use your mouse to click and hold on the hair to cut and dye it in your own devilish style. The longer you hold down the mouse button, the more devilish you become.

You'll face new challenges and obstacles with each level, but with practice, you can become the ultimate devilish hairdresser. So, grab your mouse, let your creativity run wild, and create the most devilish haircuts ever!

Moana Real Haircuts : Get Moana ready for an amazing adventure with a brand new real haircut! Our newest princess loves to sail the ocean and fight for what is right, so she needs a hairstyle that fits her brave personality. Dive into the salon to cut, dye and style Moana's hair, then pick accessories, tattoos and outfits to finish her transformation.


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