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Girlvania Summer Lust Game Hack

it's possible to interact with your avatar through the popular room-based social networking service slave, so maybe thats not a bad thing. however, slaves requirement of registration means that users will need to have a steam account in order to access the content. theres also no option for doing so in the game's menu. it's still worth checking out, however. slave and chathouse 3d both feature mobile apps that can be downloaded for free. slave also offers a free trial of its premium service, while chathouse 3d requires a monthly membership. the free version of slave contains only chat, while the full version lets you play it like a social networking site.

Girlvania Summer Lust game hack

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unlike the aforementioned games, rigid is more of a puzzle game than a sex game. rigid is a physics-based game in which you run a lab and try to treat the female population of a city. one of your best tools is your sexy doctor avatar, who can give the residents female enhancements, such as larger breasts, smaller hips, a better ass, and even a full body. players also have access to male enhancements, but theres no way to customize them like with the females. you can also hire staff to help you out, but theyre only a resource, and not a sex toy. overall, rigid doesnt offer the scope of sexual freedom that other sex games do, but it does have a cute aesthetic and a solid premise. rigid can be purchased on the steam store for $17.99 first month, then $15.99 after that. female enhancements cost $2.99 each, while male enhancements cost $5.99 each.


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