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Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas

HDRun All Night [2021]

My problem concerns the recordings. I daily schedule a few movies or shows to be recorded at night (sometimes 4-6 recordings at the same time) and all starts well, on time. The problem is that, quite often, the recordings stop after about 1h or 1h30 and therefore I miss all ends of my recordings. All my recordings are planned to record at least 2-3hours so most of the time they stop before the end.

HDRun All Night


My problem is that I seem to be able to get TVHeadend installed. Tried thru the Video/Add-ons in OSMC and not sure if that did anything. Then I found 1 posting that showed how to compile/install TVH and I got the web configuration page. I could add a network (ATSC-based) and the mux count came up at 13. But there was nothing listed under Configuration/TV Adapters (except a TV Adapter folder). Using hdhomerun_config discover util returned a device no. (7 digs, 1 letter) and an IP addr (which was valid in my network). That was last night. 041b061a72


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