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Josh Bair
Operations Manager, Partner

If Josh is not at home with his family or working you will most likely find him at the gym or on a field or court.  Josh is the definition of a “family man”, but also enjoys being active and staying in shape.  At a young age he developed a love for baseball and basketball, two sports which he excelled at and played competitively.  Through his college years, instead of being active as a player, Josh took his love and passion for the game to the sideline where he coached boys’ basketball and baseball at Mountain View Highschool.  Josh believes that exercise and nutrition is not only a choice, but a lifestyle.  A quote you will often hear Josh say is, “Everyone has to go through hard times, but no one should have to alone.”  Josh will be your #1 fan and #1 supporter as he helps you to develop an active lifestyle by giving you the tools you need to succeed and building a community of supporters around you.

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